Hardly a deep meditation on robots, but we might well ask, what the heck is going on here?  And what was it about the 1980s? Comments welcome.

  • Kraftwerk – The Robots (Live, Club Lido, Venice October 1978)
  • Styx – Mr. Roboto (1983).
    • The problem’s plain to see, too much technology / Machines to save our lives, machines dehumanize.”
    • Actually part of a rock-opera, “Kilroy was here” – see Dennis DeYoung explaining the story here.
  • Herbie Hancock – Rockit (1984). Features some animatronic bodies…

    • (see also a live version that is interesting for a mixture of the animatronics and humans actiing robots)

  • Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (1998). Robots attack!

  • Daft Punk – Robot Rock (2005)
  • Compressorhead – Ace of Spades (2013). Song is by Motorhead, but this was at Robocross in Berlin.
  • [NSFW?] Bjork – “All Is Full of Love” (1997). Technically nothing NSFW in there, but suggestive. Also surprisingly impressive CGI for 25 years ago.
  • [not quite a music video, but…] “Mechanical Man Song” from the movie “Cinderella 2000” (1977) [IMDB]. And stay for the obligatory disco-cize part at 2:40!
  • [not actually a video, but a song anyway] Connie Francis – Robot Man (1960).
  • [and from ways back when] “Mechanical Man Song” from the play Gold Diggers (1929)
    • [and who doesn’t love a good robot dance?] Robot Boys doing “Poppin John” (2013)

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